During the past 41 years, Inter-Con has provided expert security services in the United States and on four continents for a range of government, diplomatic and commercial customers. We have gained substantive experience by practical application, identifying what works, and what doesn’t work in particular countries, cultures and workplace settings. Beyond that basic knowledge base, Inter-Con understands and values the experience of its diverse employee population, gained from military, law enforcement and private security sources. If an expert with a particular skill set is better found outside the company than inside, we readily focus recruitment to engage and screen new employees and consultants to work on emerging customer requirements and new projects. Combined with our constantly innovative operational approach, the resulting solutions directly address individual customer needs. This philosophy has allowed Inter-Con to develop an impressive client list, including many Fortune 100 companies, varied government agencies, and sophisticated international customers. Our willingness to incorporate innovation into our wealth of experience, with the goal of achieving sound programs, transparent procedures and best practices, makes Inter-Con the security provider of choice for discerning customers.