The term “innovation” is typically associated with new technology. At Inter-Con, however, comprehensive innovation is the cornerstone of our operational identity. Inter-Con does not simply provide security personnel; we develop and implement a security program that takes the customer’s entire mission into consideration. We understand that every customer is different and we strive to apply customized solutions to individual problems. Our problem-solving approach begins during contract development, as our managers apply “outside-the-box” thinking to ensure that our customers’ expectations are surpassed. We have cultivated a culture of innovation throughout our organization: we believe in our people, and we encourage testing and development of new ideas and initiatives with guidance from senior management. Our robust Quality Assurance/Quality Control program—originally developed to meet the stringent requirements of the federal government and other demanding customers—uses constant review and analysis of existing operations to reform and fine tune even long-established established security programs. Our comprehensive, technology-supported capabilities are the outcome of our innovative operational approach, which has resulted in best-in-class, customized security services for every client, regardless of industry or location.