Inter-Con history differs fundamentally from all other major security firms. Our first customer 41 years ago was NASA, and our first business was to implement a comprehensive security program which incorporated a variety of security disciplines in a classified environment. This critically different starting place, and the sophisticated security efforts which followed, have shaped Inter-Con’s growth and organizational development. We, as an organization, have focused our talent and energy on customers whose needs exceed the sophistication and expertise of even the largest traditional security firms. Our focus is directed toward high quality, customized services.

Inter-Con invests itself deeply in its customers. Inter-Con understands its customer and their security requirements, designs a unique objective-driven security program, and adapts the security effort to the continuously evolving environment and institutional requirements - the antithesis of the generic high-volume approach to security.

With this philosophy, Inter-Con with its corporate headquarters in Pasadena, CA, has steadily grown to its current size of tens of thousands of security and event personnel operating on four continents.