Electronic Security

Inter-Con over the years has developed strong relationships with several electronics/software manufacturers, but we do not exclusively use any single company to meet customer requirements.  With any new build electronics work, we strive to maintain open system architecture so that customers have maximum flexibility to add-on, replace or otherwise modify components of their technology suite.  In many countries, we employ full-time integrators, installers and maintenance techs, but in the few countries where we do not, we offer support services that we have vetted and stand behind.  In several instances, we have had our own technicians trained and certified by premium equipment providers, so that our installations come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.  Our aim in every electronic security project is to provide cost-effective technology commensurate with the threat and consistent with providing multifaceted, tiered security.  A fence and an officer with some personal technology, supported by a command center, may be sufficient in a small, low threat environment, and we will provide that solution where appropriate, but Inter-Con is equally comfortable working in difficult threat environments, using sophisticated technology to protect embassies, ports, hospitals, courts, banks, mines, factories, distribution centers, remote oilfield operations and a range of VIPs traveling in dangerous areas.