International Operations

High-threat international security is at the core of Inter-Con’s DNA. Our focus is, and has always been, supporting our clients around the world, because we are Everywhere Security Matters. 

Our international clients have trusted us for decades, and our work has entailed hundreds of millions of hours of service, including the protection of American and other countries’ embassies in 20+ countries. We have secured our clients in the face of high-profile terrorist attacks; bloody civil wars; violent protests; and regular encounters with armed, criminal elements like drug cartels, hostile organizations, and military assaults. Whether we are operating in Tunisia during the Arab Spring; repeated civil wars in Liberia; remote Narco jungles of Colombia, or the cartel-controlled border regions of Mexico, Inter-Con has never failed to protect our clients and their interests. Given this experience, we possess a unique appreciation for what it takes to design, implement, and maintain successful security programs anywhere in the world.

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