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Security Clearances

Inter-Con has unrivaled experience successfully recruiting, training, operating, and sponsoring high clearance security personnel at all levels of public and private sectors.

As a Federal Contractor providing classified security services for various agencies with significant clearance requirements, Inter-Con possesses two separate Commercial and Government Entity Codes (CAGE Codes – Parent/Branch), allowing us to directly process security clearances for Inter-Con personnel. This process allows Inter-Con to easily scale and staff projects requiring a high volume of cleared personnel.

In response to the increased demand for rare high clearance officers, Inter-Con has the unique ability to recruit qualified officers from within our various programs and re-task them to new sites. We focus on improving the qualifications and clearance levels of our existing force, rather than screening, recruiting, and training a completely new pool of candidates for each program. In doing so, Inter-Con provides service with speed and efficiency for our clients. We also recruit officers for lower clearance positions and promote exceptional officers to an increased security level. Our staffing not only accommodates a seamless expansion of operations to new sites on large contracts, but also ensures dedicated staffing sources for future expansion, should the need arise for our clients. Inter-Con welcomes the opportunity to expand services with your organization.

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