Value Added Training

Inter-Con leverages the market’s best trainers, training tools, and technology to craft cost-effective and productive training programs for our clients. To prepare our armed officers, Inter-Con’s expansive Peacemaker National Training Center facility hosts one of the world’s most premier training, maneuver, and shooting ranges in addition to numerous skill-based competitions.

Tailored Training


Most large-scale security firms provide all of their personnel with off-the-shelf training modules at low-grade training facilities that do not utilize the same equipment they will use on a daily basis. These training modules may provide a small portion of their security force with the adequate training, but they do not fully encompass all the client’s sites.


To solve the dynamic and complex needs of private companies and government agencies today, Inter-Con understands that our clients demand security professionals who are prepared for their particular needs. With this in mind, Inter-Con’s nationwide Training Team travels to client sites and designs tailored training programs that account for our client’s locations, personnel, and operations. Inter-Con’s world-class Training Team is comprised of training professionals with distinguished experience serving both high- requirement government and commercial clients. Inter-Con fully understands the success of any security program relies on the Officers being provided with continuous premium training in subjects tailored to their sites.

Peacemaker National Training Center

Inter-Con hosts one of the premier training facilities on the East Coast, the Peacemaker National Training Center, located less than 90 miles from the Nation’s Capital.

Peacemaker offers nearly 1,000 acres of training facilities to host training for commercial, federal, state and local law enforcement, as well as over 3,000 private members. Inter-Con conducts training at Peacemaker from the basic level to the advanced in the following areas:  active shooter, multi-gun, handgun, shotgun, carbine/AR, and custom training depending on the customer’s needs. There are also two 1,000 yard ranges that can be used for long distance and precision shooting.

Training at Peacemaker emphasizes the highest levels of safety to ensure security professionals get world-class firearms instruction in a professional manner before they are sent to a client’s site. Peacemaker also hosts a digital simulator that can be customized to provide scenario-based training suitable for any organization’s training needs. Peacemaker allow Inter-Con to tailor training solutions in innovative ways using the latest technology-driven instruction, ensuring that our training is relevant and meaningful to a client’s organization.

Accessibility Tools