Active Shooter Response

Inter-Con provides Active Shooter Response training led by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recognized Subject Matter Experts (SME) Instructors for Commercial, Government, Law Enforcement, Education, Healthcare, and Religious Organizations.  Students are trained and perform exercises to hone individual tactical survival skills and understand mitigation techniques during Active Shooter and Violent Intruder events.  Our programs enhance and promote the individual’s active participation in their safety and survival of life threatening events, regardless of the location or immediate Emergency Responder’s support.

Inter-Con’s training delivery system allows for entire Organization, Individual Employee, or Security Officer responses aligned to the operational and culture concerns of each client.  Our capabilities include class room, practical proficiency exercise, Internal and Joint Law Enforcement Table Top Exercises, Program Assessments, and quarterly or bi-annual refresher seminars.  Graduates of Inter-Con’s Active Shooter Response training possess the critical knowledge and are prepared to respond appropriately during emergency situations with an enhanced survivability rate.