Physical Security

The foundation of Inter-Con’s business worldwide, from the company’s beginnings in 1973 to the present, continues to be furnishing highly skilled officers who provide physical security to customer facilities and people. Whether their specific function is vehicle inspection, access control, facility rounds or residential patrol, we thoroughly vet prospective officers—following the highest U.S. standards and adapting them to the extent feasible in other countries—to protect customer assets and people. To the raw material of vetted officer candidates, we add the procedures and related classroom and on-the-job professional training that enables officers to carry out their responsibilities.

From fundamental decisions regarding armed (if permitted) vs. unarmed security, we tailor our work to the physical security requirement in a particular risk situation. We continuously verify and improve officer performance by adding strong, multi-level supervision and appropriate technology. This includes communications equipment and full command center monitoring that supports officer functions, detects alerts and directs emergency response while recording any significant event. Tools and technology include tour verification systems with immediate alerts of anomalies, and GPS that provides locations of patrols or customer vehicles. Basic support equipment also includes such items as handcuffs, batons, pepper spray and other non-lethal weapons, remote alarm activation capabilities, and extends to fingerprint readers, metal detectors, explosives detectors, x-ray and gamma ray imaging and a range of other tools. Inter-Con’s objective is to provide a standard of physical security that is appropriate to the situation, comprehensive, cost-effective for our customers, flexible enough to smoothly incorporate improvements and capable of surging in case of emergency or increased threat.